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Laser welding is used to repair the edges and forming parts of injection moulds, the working edges of pressing and forming tools and worn-out machine parts and adjust and repair structural parts.

The advantages of laser technology include very accurate localized processing, low heat zones and in particular the highest possible quality of welding. These aspects minimize the cost of finishing welded areas.

HACO uses a YAG laser system with a wave length of 1064 nm produced by O.R. Laser Technologie GmbH from Germany, a renowned specialist in the field.

HACO engineers are able to lay beads with walls as thin as 0.1 mm up to areas of several square decimetres with layer thicknesses of several millimetres according to customers' specifications. This allows us to repair all kinds of tool steel, aluminium alloys, copper and copper alloys such as Ampco metal or Ampcoloy.

Laser welding is done at HACO's production facility in Liberec- Harcov; alternatively, the laser station can be taken to a customer's site.

If you are interested in our laser welding mould repair service, please contact us. We will be happy to assist you with more information.