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The floor drain is designed for indoor use in buildings. It serves as a point drainage of floor surfaces. Selection according to use is important. A distinction is made between regular use (showers, places with permanent rinsing), occasional use (drains in laundries). In places where floor drains are poorly replenished with water from the floor, leakage of gases from the drains into the interior must be prevented. Floor drains with a side inlet are a common solution. Regularly used fittings (baths) are connected to this inlet, thus ensuring regular replenishment of the water in the odour trap. Increasingly frequent heavy rainfall is becoming the most important criterion for designing stormwater drainage from open areas.

The linear floor gutter is a complement to modern interior design of bathrooms, saunas and relaxation areas. Its advantage is its easy installation, maintenance and use in wheelchair accessible areas. The bottom part is made of polypropylene, the cover grid is made of 1.5mm stainless steel DIN 1.4301 with a load capacity of K3 up to 300kg. The minimum construction height is 65mm and the trough is height adjustable. Connection to sewer pipe Ø40mm. The package includes assembly instructions, self-adhesive waterproofing foil, adjustable screws, hook to remove the grid and dowels with screw.


Gutters and roof water traps are designed to collect rainwater and surface water. Drains can also be used inside buildings and are therefore also equipped with odour stoppers, dry or water dampers. For drains intended for outdoor use, dry flaps - odour stoppers - are used. Both variants are equipped with a basket for coarse dirt and allow easy maintenance.


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