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The company uses the support of following grants as part of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme (EIP).


Programme name Registration ID Project name
ICT in enterprises - Call III 2.2 ITP03/520 Improving internal efficiency at HACO s. r.o. using ICT tools
Innovation - Innovation project - Call IV 4.1 IN04/018 Product and process innovation at HACO s.r.o.
Marketing - Call II 6.2 M02/109 HACO s.r.o.'s presence at fairs abroad
Development - Call III 2.2 RV03/354 Press fixtures and other engineering equipment for HACO, spol. s r.o.
Development - Call III 2.2 RV03/857 Purchasing new engineering equipment for HACO, spol. s r.o.


Operační program Podnikání a Inovace - Evropská Unie

Education support

The company supports the education of its employees. A CAD Designer training programme co-funded through the "Education for Growth" programme took place in February and March 2013.

In 2014 we received grant funding through the "Education for Growth in the Liberec Region II" programme. This will allow selected employees to improve their skills with design software, injection moulding technology, robotic systems, injection moulding operation and maintenance, taxes and customs and business English.

Student support

HACO s.r.o. also provides support to students who would like to do their work experience at the company and in connection with this effort it used the "Internship for young job seekers 2" project.


Place of contact for more information:

HACO, spol. s r.o.
Svobody 826/88
460 15 Liberec 15
IČ: 61535699
Kontaktní osoba: Ladislava Kovářová
Tel.: +420 733 222 911
e-mail: ladislava.kovarova@haco.cz